Whitepaper | How to Improve Test Automation Effectiveness and ROI

Innovation at digital speed is a key competitive advantage in today’s world. The ability to develop, test and launch digital products and services quickly and consistently has become critical to success.

Several organizations are now kicking the tires on Test Automation, as a critical enabler of Continuous Delivery and agile software development. Bringing test automation into the fold of development and rollout processes provides a set of repeatable checks which are run on an ongoing basis before any package gets shipped.

However, not all test automation projects are able to deliver expected success and ROI. While a range of companies have adopted Test Automation, only few, regardless of industry, have been able to capture its full value. A survey by Logigear reveals more than 43% of respondents still do not have a successful test automation solution.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Test automation considerations including cloud-based test automation to boost ROI
  • Use of the right test automation framework that integrates with cloud environments
  • Case scenarios where the right automation framework has helped CIOs deliver timely and quality results while boosting ROI

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