Whitepaper | Architecting your Cost of Quality
by Incremental Test Automation

Organizations are struggling to reduce the cost that is incurred while trying to maintain the Quality of the application/software. In a report by CISQ, the cost incurred for cost of poor software quality was estimated to be $2.84 trillion. This whitepaper is aimed at understanding the importance of measuring cost of quality and reducing cost of poor quality using incremental test automation.

Incremental Test Automation is a phase by phase automation process. The process starts right from making a decision to automate testing and goes to the level of review and assessment of the test program. Hence this unique strategic solution leverages in overcoming the challenges faced by industries.

Key Takeaways form this white paper include:

  • Importance of Cost of Quality in Testing
  • How Automation is directly linked to Cost of Quality
  • Strategic solution to lessen Cost of Quality
  • Role of Incremental test automation in reducing appraisal cost
  • Statistical data to corroborate

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